This room was originally carpeted and we redid it with vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is extremely durable, affordable, comfortable, and a good noise buffer (which is good for  multilevel homes and apartments). The surface under the vinyl flooring must be completely smooth because any imperfections will show through.
November 03 2016 0 comment

Why to Get Rid of Carpet

Making the switch from carpet to hard floor is an extremely common request. Why? 

1. Selling or renting. Hard floors are widely preferred by renters and buyers. If you are renting an apartment, hard flooring like vinyl is more durable and unlike carpet does not need to be changed between tenants. Hardwood floors specifically tend to sell more quickly than those with carpets, and add value to the home. 

2. Style. It goes without saying that hard flooring is more modern. But there is also wide range of options for hard floors, such as laminate, ceramic, hardwood, vinyl, and linoleum. You can use wide tiles or planks, different stains, and even several species of trees.

3. Day-to-day maintenance. Hard floors are easier to clean, do not stain as easily or trap odors, and stay in good quality much longer than carpets.

4. Long term maintenance. Whereas carpet has to be replaced , hardwood floors are simply refinished. Other hard floors like vinyl, stay in good condition longer, especially under a lot of foot traffic, but if necessary may be replaced in pieces while retaining their aesthetic. 

5. Price. Some flooring, like vinyl, can be less expensive than carpet, and less expensive to maintain and replace.

It’s also a more convenient choice for those with pets, children, guests and allergies.